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Summary of Bharatanatyam


History: A brief history of the dance form and related information

Basics: A Traditional way to start!

Adavus: Basic steps in Bharatanatyam

Hasdhas: Hand gestures used in Bharatanatyam

Navarasam: nine types of Emotions.

Saptha Thandavam: The 7 Dazzling dances of siva

Bharatanatyam Forms: Indian Dance Forms and styles.

Composers: Some of the renowned Bharatnatyam Composers [ Traditional and contemporary].

Techniques of  Bharatnatyam : The art of Natya is divided into three aspects.

Dasavatharam: 10 avatars of Vishnu

Approaches of Yoga and Bharatanatyam : Similarities between Yoga and Bharatanatyam

Video: show case of Bharatanatyam.

Test your knowledge: Questions and Answers.



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sriyaditha graphic

Namaskar. I am sowmya. Five years before i joined to chitramam. I was able to thoroughly enjoy th

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Sowmiya N.M

hai I am Shakthi priya. my Guru name is Chitramai. Am enjoying my dance class very well. I learnt

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Shakthi priya

I am vinothini. my mam name is chitramai.she is so patients.Each and every programmes i enjoyed v

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I \'m shanumgavalli.I\'m learning bharathanatyam

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